Parkview Farms History

Farm House from 1890

Nestled along Cavendish’s sandy shores, The MacNeill’s at Parkview Farms have rooted themselves deep into Cavendish’s development and heritage. Situated on the same plot of land since 1853 we have remained a staple of Cavendish’s founding families. With the recent introduction of the 8th Generation, the MacNeill family has stood the test of time and remained active in agriculture since their initial arrival from Scotland in the early 1800’s. Parkview Farms is the last active dairy farm in Cavendish, and we continue to be proud of our agricultural heritage.

Here at Parkview Farms we have been welcoming guests since the early 1930’s. It started with Lorne and Mary MacNeill welcoming guests into their farm home. Guests would be picked up at a train station 15km away in Hunter River and brought to the ocean shores by horse and buggy for their stay. Over the years the tourist home has expanded to include 10 cottages that allow guests to overlook Cavendish’s sandy beaches.

Here at Parkview Farms we strive to offer the same family focused and immersive experience that our establishment was derived from. We continually look forward to hosting guests on our property and providing them with a safe, relaxing and humble experience right from arrival to departure. We pride ourselves in building connections with our guests and this has led to couples returning annually to stay with us for over 40 years.

Whether it is right now or someday in the future, one thing we continue to guarantee is a unique experience that will leave you wondering why you didn’t visit us sooner.  We look forward to hosting you and welcoming you to the Parkview Farms Family.